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Professional English training

Gymglish PRO is a professional training program for learning English online. It is accredited for corporate training plans such as the French DIF scheme. Gymglish offers a wide variety of flexible annual subscriptions for the DIF scheme (find out more about the DIF) to accommodate the various agreements and arrangements made between employees, companies and social partners.

Customization by profession

The Gymglish PRO offer can be personalized according to the user's profession or business sector: management, finance, sales, marketing, industry, research, health, HR, and more (complete list).

HR supervision

The HR web space makes it easy to track users' progress for administrative and educational purposes: dashboards, levels, progress, participation rates, administrative documents, registration, etc.

Pedagogical assistance

At the bottom of each e-mail, a window is provided to allow students to communicate with the teaching team. Users are free to send questions, comments, remarks and words of encouragement... provided that they're written in English!

Finally, an effective method for online learning: an average participation rate of 80% means users have fun while improving their English.

  1. MOTIVATION: a chronicle of life in the workplace, professional situations and characters with a sense of humor.

  2. PARTICIPATION: a daily story, only 10-15 minutes per day, English for practical or business purposes.

  3. EMULATION: each individual advances at his or her own pace, discusses the episode of the day and helps promote participation.

The advantages

  • Frantastique c'est ludique et motivant

    Easy to access

    Users can complete their lessons at any time during the day while checking their e-mail inbox.

  • Frantastique, pour l'opérationnel et Business


    Gymglish doesn't require a big commitment. Users spend ten minutes on their English lessons and the corrections are sent immediately.

  • Frantastique c'est un français actuel

    High levels of participation

    No need to go to a classroom: your lesson comes to you! Gymglish uses quick lessons to jog users' memories every day.

  • Frantastique donne des résultats


    Anyone with an e-mail address can follow a Gymglish training course. There are no complicated technical requirements.

Rates for professionals


  Max. no. of e-mails
Max. duration
6 months 120 lessons 30 hrs. €400
12 months 240 lessons 60 hrs. €540
24 months 480 lessons 120 hrs. €800
36 months 720 lessons 180 hrs. €1100

Price of Gymglish PRO subscriptions (Prices excl. of tax/subscription)
Bulk discounts according to the number of subscriptions purchased.

Quick, easy deployment
. Technical support, HR reporting tools, and the logistics of subscriptions are handled entirely in the online HR supervision space.

Flexibility, replacements. To account for possible staff turnover or unmotivated participants, managers are able to replace one participant per subscription annually. The replacement user will inherit the duration of the original subscription, but will start their own customized lesson plan (or resume their old one if they have already used Gymglish in the past).

Terms of subscription. Each Gymglish PRO subscription entitles a participant to an e-mail with Gymglish language activities each working day for the duration of the subscription. Rates are based on the length of the subscription and are unrelated to the number of lessons actually received and completed by the user.

Five Gymglish lessons per week. The subscriber is entitled to five e-mails per week, delivered each working day Monday through Friday by default. At any time, the user can select different days of delivery for their 5 weekly Gymglish e-mails.

Duration of English training. In accordance with legislation on distance learning and our agreements with state educational organisations, each completed e-mail is considered a 15-minute training period. Within the framework of an annual subscription, for example, a student is entitled to receive up to 240 e-mails of personalized language activities, i.e., a maximum theoretical duration of 60 hours of training. The actual duration of the training period depends on the student's participation as well as holidays and time off. Find out more about ongoing training.

Blended Learning

Gymglish & Teacher is an option for users currently taking English lessons with a teacher (one-on-one, group lessons, by telephone, etc.). This 'Blended Learning' approach uses Gymglish lessons to determine the student's expectations and difficulties, summarizes them, then sends an up-to-date brief to the teacher before each lesson. This option is available to PRO users at no extra cost, and can be activated at any time for any teacher over the course of a Gymglish PRO subscription.


Gymglish and the DIF scheme (France)

One year of Gymglish lessons counts as 20 hours of DIF training (France). To accommodate the various agreements and arrangements made between employees, companies and social partners, Gymglish offers a wide variety of flexible annual subscriptions for the DIF scheme. The 'Training Manager' web space makes it easy for HR Directors and company managers to activate DIF lesson plans and supervise/evaluate learners at any time.